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  • Optimal Solar Tracking

    Our solar panel islands automatically turn to the sun for optimal results

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  • Turn-key

    The floating solar panels are delivered 100% ready for use

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  • Weather Risk Management

    Protection and guaranteeing an optimum uptime of the system

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  • Milieuvriendelijk

    Our product is designed in harmony with the ecosystem

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Are you curious how much energy you can generate with a certain size of floating solar islands at your location? Send us this your request by mail and we will respond to you with an indication of what the possibilities are for your water location. Or contact us directly by phone for a proposition.

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Floating Solar

Services we offer

  • Responsibility throughout the whole process of application, installation including monitoring and maintenance
  • • Take care of SDE+ request
  • Maintenance and monitoring of the solar island
  • Monitoring and reporting of sustainable production
  • Guiding financial process regarding funding and operations

Floating Solar

Our product

We supply turn-key solar islands. By rotating in line with the position of the sun we can generate 30% more proceeds from the floating panels. We are focused on sustainable energy, a greener Netherlands.