Floating Solar: Drinking Water company Evides another step closer to becoming energy neutral.

At Evides’ main drinking water facility in Rotterdam a third of the surface of a water basin will be covered with Floating Solar’s PV solution. Today was the official signing of the collaboration between Evides and Floating Solar.

At the facility in Rotterdam Kralingen one hectare of floating solar and a half hectare of land build PV will be installed, producing 2 gigawatthrs per year. The floating systems has the patented suntracking system, enabling a maximum yield.

Water quality

Being a first pilot for Evides, water quality will be thoroughly monitored, and if successful the system will be rolled out at all other Evides locations throughout the Netherlands. Floating Solar’s Arnoud van Druten; “This is again a major step in de development of floating solar and proves its enormous potential for locations such as Evides where water quality is essential. Because of the choice of environmental friendly material and high sunlight transparency of the Floating Solar system, water quality is secured”.

Performance data

Also unique at this project location is the fact that the two large scale PV systems, one on water, the other on land, can provide very reliable data on the extra yield of the Floating Solar system compared to a ‘traditional’ fixed PV system under equal conditions.

Dutch energy transition

The Netherlands have a target to a complete switch towards sustainable energy in 2050. Being a civil society Evides wants to attribute by becoming both full energy and climate neutral in 2025.

About Floating Solar B.V. Floating Solar is a joint venture between Dromec en Sunprojects, who together developed the patented sun tracking system.

30% more green energy

Floating Solar’s innovative system can generate up to 30% more yield than standard solar installations, thanks to its solar tracking capabilities, the islands follow the sun.

Environmental safety

Both the used materials and way of construction the islands (with enough space to let sunlight also reach the water surface) make Floating Solar an environmentally friendly and safe solution.

Weather risk management

In case of extreme storm the system will automatically turn into the direction where wind and waves have the least impact, so the solar island will stay safe and unharmed, even at 12 Bft and waves of 1.5 m high.

About Dromec

Family business Dromec has been active for over 20 years in engineering drives & winches, for large factory and infrastructural use but also for maritime and offshore application such as offshore wind turbines.


About Sunprojects

As an innovative EPC, Sunprojects is specialized in realizing large turn key solar projects. Started out as a family business we have been installing PV since 2005, on solar fields and on top of roofs of companies, factories, retail centers, educational facilities and large sports accommodations. In total we’ve installed well over 140 MW of solar, in The Netherlands and Belgium, as well as in France, Romania and Portugal.


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