Optimal Solar Tracking
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Optimal Solar Tracking (OST)

All day optimal collection of the solar energy, this is what makes the Floating Solar system unique.

Early in the morning when the sun rises, the island is turned to the east so the panels can absorb the early rays of sunlight efficiently. The same in the evening when they catch the last rays of sunlight during the sunset in the west.

Optimal Solar Tracking (OST)-FLOATING SOLAR

How does Optimal Solar Tracking work?

As is known, the earth revolves around its axis, but the earth also revolves around the sun. Optimal Solar Tracking carefully takes this into account. By means of winches we can let the island turn exactly to the position facing the sun.

This means that we constantly look at the sun. Even when it is cloudy the Solar Island, turns into the direction with the strongest Solar power to convert the maximum possible amount of energy.

30% more energy production.

On land, Solar panels supply on average 200 kWh per year. Because of the technology of turning and tilting, we guarantee 30% more efficiency of our panels. In this case we would supply 260 kWh per panel instead of 200 kWh. The result is that you get 30% more energy and income for your investment.

Why do we deliver 30% more?

We float, rotate and tilt. This obviously means that we deliver 30% more. Optimal Solar Tracking is the patent of Floating Solar B.V.

The benefits of Optimal Solar Tracking

  • 30% more yield from the solar panels by means of winches that position the island.
  • Facing the sun all day, getting the most out of the Solar power.
  • The sun never stops, always a win-win situation

The sun is a great energy source which produces continuously energy. Thanks to our Optimal Solar Tracking we guarantee at least 30% more generation of energy compared to static systems that do not follow the sun.

Weather Risk Management

See how our Floating Solar island faces severe weather successfully?

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