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The product that Floating Solar offers.

What kind of solar panels are applied?

On the Slufter, near Rotterdam a Floating Solar testing island is positioned. There are several types of solar panels used, including:

  • Silicon poly crystalline: thick material, heavier, high yield.
  • Thin Film: 100 to 200 times thinner than crystalline, more flexible, lighter weight. However 6% less efficiency than silicon poly crystalline.

This is to investigate which panels generate the most solar energy. At the moment, other types of solar panels are also evaluated.

How does the Optimal Solar Tracking work?

By the OST (Optimal Solar Tracking), the winches enable the island to turn in the correct position, relative to the sun.

How does the Weather Risk Management function?

The sensors generate signals of high wind speeds and wave heights. The winches then turn the island into the position where the influence of high waves and wind load is minimized. This reduces the risk, and optimises the preservation of your investment.

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